Making Mealtime Meaningful: Discover how we're giving back with the 12T Cares program →

The 12 Tomatoes Community Gives Back!

OUR MISSION at 12 Tomatoes is to make mealtime meaningful. So, we’ve created a wide-ranging collection of delicious recipes for you to enjoy. We’re also committed to sharing meals beyond our dinner tables so that the food we serve also serves the community. We want to make every meal count. With this goal in mind, we’ve partnered with Greater Good Charities to create the 12 Tomatoes Cares Program.


Meals Funded

The 12 Tomatoes Cares program is always looking for ways to feed and lift up our neighbors in need. We will regularly launch and promote meaningful, high-impact fundraisers. We’ve also implemented our Share to Care program where every share, save, or print of a 12 Tomatoes recipe helps fund meals for families in need. And we’re committed to finding even more ways to meet our mission of making mealtime meaningful. All the results we have generated together will be reported back here on this page. Come back regularly and watch our impact grow!

Here’s the work we’ve already been doing:

“Share to Care” gives YOU the power to activate the resources needed to care for those who are in the most need. We work with Greater Good Charities to identify communities in need, and each month 100% of the sponsorship revenue that this program generates will be directed there, via Greater Good Charities. When you share, print, or save a 12 Tomatoes recipe, you will help fund these campaigns that provide vital support to our neighbors in need.

How it works

12 Tomatoes is excited and thankful for its relationship with Greater Good Charities. The team at Greater Good Charities are passionate about their work and driven to maximize the impact their efforts have on the world. The 12 Tomatoes team regularly meets with the Greater Good Charities team to discuss more ways to bring meaningful campaigns to our audience. 100% of the funds the 12 Tomatoes Cares program raises are distributed to the programs we’re targeting. When we say 100%, we mean it. Every dollar is distributed to the food banks, pantries and non-profit organizations we’re targeting.

Greater Good Charities is an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization devoted to improving the health and well-being of people, animals, and the planet. Greater Good Charities is rated 100 out of 100 by Charity Navigator in finance and accountability. This rating ensures that your donations will go to the people and places where it matters the most.

Learn more about Greater Good Charties here: