Making Mealtime Meaningful: Discover how we're giving back with the 12T Cares program →

THANK YOU – We have met our goal of raising over $5,000 for this campaign. The 12 Tomatoes Cares community has done it again! The $5,273 you have generously donated was expeditiously granted via our non-profit partner Greater Good Charities to food pantries within their network that identified a particular need to help feed school-aged youths in their community. Over 700 backpacks were funded, built, and distributed. Each pack contained a minimum of 6 nutritious meals and healthy snacks. This campaign has concluded, but check out our current campaign to find another way you can help feed our neighbors in need!

We’re so thankful to have such a generous, caring community. Thank you for helping 12 Tomatoes Cares pay it forward!


March 24, 2021 – Without regular nutrition, the already massive challenge for a child of learning remotely through a computer or phone is made virtually impossible: it is hard to learn when you are hungry. For many children from low income families in America, school is not just where you get an education—it’s where you get breakfast, lunch, and after school meals. The closure of schools due to COVID-19 has created a crisis for many food insecure children who are now distance learning from home and no longer have access to these programs.

Luckily, hunger relief organizations around the country are stepping up to help with meal distribution programs targeted to help these kids in crisis. Typically distributed as a backpack or tote full of food, these programs ensure children who aren’t able to benefit from free or reduced cost school meals don’t go hungry while they learn from home. And when schools reopen, these programs are critical to supplementing the nutrition children are able to receive from their schools.
Your gifts are urgently needed now to meet this challenge.

Your donations will be rushed to programs helping low income children now, and your dollars have big impact. Just $1.21 funds a meal, and $7.50 funds a full pack containing a minimum of 6 meals and healthy snacks.

A typical pack might include:

  • 2 breakfasts
  • 4 lunches or dinners
  • 8 oz. milk
  • Fruit cups
  • Cereal
  • Vegetables
  • YOUR support is needed now. Every $7.50 dollars will provide a meal pack to a hungry child in need. Your gift allows us to act swiftly to respond to help these children—and they need you now. Donate today.