Making Mealtime Meaningful: Discover how we're giving back with the 12T Cares program →

12 Tomatoes, in partnership with Greater Good Charities, is committed to providing access to affordable, nutritious food to the people in our communities, both local and national, with the greatest need.

One in four people in America experienced food insecurity just last year. It’s hard to imagine such a statistic, 81 million Americans without adequate food. A recovering economy has had a positive impact on this dire number, but even in the best of times, 41 million Americans still struggle and this statistic includes 13 million children.

In an effort to combat these severe food deficiencies, 12 Tomatoes and charitable partner Greater Good Charities distributed 5.5 million meals to displaced and disadvantaged people in our country. This is a remarkable achievement and we want to do even more.

We’ve activated resources to address the acute needs of those impacted by a natural disaster or pandemic. Beyond emergency situations, food banks and support services across the nation care for the food-insecure on a daily basis. Millions of Americans don’t know how they will eat for a week, let alone each day. Our work, with your support, will help local food banks feed our neighbors in need.

Just $10 provides 45 meals. This modest dollar amount can have a monumental impact on the lives of Americans struggling with food insecurity. Consider making this donation today and you will have made a positive change in the lives of those in need.