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Catastrophic wildfires fueled by hurricane winds are devastating Maui. People threatened by the fires need YOUR help now.

Emergency proclamations have been declared and the National Guard activated in response to wildfires breaking out across Maui and the Big Island. Local hospitals are overwhelmed with burn patients and firefighters are struggling to contain the blaze. Conditions on parts of the island are so extreme that residents are jumping into the ocean to flee the flames. Dozens have already been rescued from the water.

Greater Good Charities’ Disaster Response Team is actively communicating with partners on the ground to assess damage and provide solutions to aid in the island’s long-term recovery. Shelters on the ground are actively working to take in and care for displaced people in the Maui communities. But they can’t do it without you. YOUR help is urgently needed!

Donate today to support Greater Good Charities’ disaster relief efforts to help those affected by these life-altering wildfires. Every dollar helps.