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Chicken Gnocchi

Gnocchi are pillowy little dumplings that are an excellent stand-in for pasta. When done right, they’re tender and fluffy and a great vehicle for your favorite sauce. In this dish, they make a wonderful base for chicken, cherry tomatoes, and a whole bunch of delicious spices. Get the recipe here!

Rustic Veggie Lasagna

While this version might not be quite like your Grandma’s lasagna, it is unbelievably delicious. And no-boil noodles mean it’s totally easy too. Packed with veggies and cheese, it’s a fun twist on the flavors of the traditional. Get the full recipe here!

Italian Wedding Cookies

These little cookies are sweet snowballs that melt in your mouth. With plenty of butter and almonds, but no eggs, these tiny treats are a breeze to make and just couldn’t be tastier. It’s easy to see why the recipe has endured the test of time and we know it’s one we’ll be making again and again. Get the full recipe here!

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