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When you think of Italian food, you might automatically think of spaghetti and meatballs… even though it’s a dish you aren’t likely to actually find in Italy. (Unless you happen upon a restaurant that’s trying to cater to an American tourist, that is.) Completely traditional or no, Italian food is always rich in comfort and flavor. Here are 15 of our favorite Italian recipes, minus the meatballs.

Baci di Dama

Baci di Bama are tiny bite-sized hazelnut cookies that seem lighter than air and are filled with just the right amount of chocolate. They translate to “lady’s kisses,” but all we know is that we love them so much we could kiss them. Click here for the recipe!

Bread & Cabbage Soup

Bread soup is one of Italy’s oldest peasant dishes and it’s survived throughout the years because it’s so adaptable. And so incredibly delicious. If you’re looking for rustic comfort, look no further. Just make a bowl full of this. Get the recipe here!

Sicilian Arancini

Arancini takes an Italian classic (risotto) and rolls it up into little balls that are deep fried. The result is a crunchy, creamy, cheesy snack that is unparalleled in deliciousness. We can’t get enough of them; they’re SO good. Get the full recipe here!

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