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Nothing comes close to a Hawaiian roll, and Americans took quick note. Since their inception by Hilo baker Robert Taira, Hawaiian rolls, unlike Hawaiian pizza, are actually from Hawaii. Their 20th-century inception, though late, quickly became a part of Hawaii’s local Hawaiian cuisine. While it’s been around for a while, access to them spread gradually from their mainland production state of California and now all the way to the East Coast. And while eating these rolls as is (or even better, warmed with softened butter), there are tons of ways to utilize these rolls.

Hawaiian Roll Sausage Stuffing

Don’t wait for the holiday season to make this Hawaiian Roll Sausage Stuffing. The Hawaiian rolls are cubed, seasoned with Italian seasoning, and baked until crispy. They’re then tossed with a cooked-down mirepoix of vegetables alongside an aromatic addition of herbs like sage and rosemary. Baked in the oven with plenty of butter, this stuffing is something of a next-level delight. Get the recipe here!

Stuffed Garlic Cream Cheese Rolls

You’ll never go back to normal bread and butter after trying these Stuffed Garlic Cream Cheese Rolls. This 9×13-inch pan of magic is brimming with a creamy, cheesy dream team of mozzarella, cream cheese, and minced garlic. A pillowy, soft, and golden pack of Hawaiian rolls soaks up the garlic flavor, and the rolls have a wonderful texture thanks to the cheese. To get the ingredient list and recipe instructions, click here.

Hawaiian French Toast Bake

A taste of a tropical hotel breakfast is within reach with this recipe for Hawaiian French Toast Bake. Buttery and soft Hawaiian rolls are layered with pineapple, shredded coconut, and a coconut crumble topping and baked until all warm and tender. A drizzle of syrup and a pat of butter is even required, this has so much moisture and flavor on its own! To get the recipe, click the link here!

Cinnamon Roll Sliders

If you want cinnamon rolls without the hassle of making dough, then turn to this recipe for Cinnamon Roll Sliders. A whole sheet of Hawaiian rolls is sliced in half and filled with a butter-cinnamon filling, topped with the other slice of bread, and then coated in the remaining butter for an amazing cinnamony experience! A drizzle of white icing tops it off, giving it that classic cinnamon roll vibe. Get the recipe by clicking the link here.

Sloppy Joe Skillet Bake

Sloppy Joes become a one-pan weeknight wonder with Sloppy Joe Skillet Bake. Ground beef cooks down in a skillet with classic hamburger ingredients and condiments until tender. Hawaiian rolls then cover the mixture and the whole lot bakes until the Hawaiian rolls are warm and toasted on top and the sloppy joe mixture is bubbling beneath. If you’re curious about the recipe, click the link here.

Sweet Roll Cheesecake Danishes

The weekend can’t come soon enough with these Sweet Roll Cheesecake Danishes. Hawaiian rolls are the quick-shortcut base for a cream cheese filling laced with brown sugar and nutmeg. Baked until golden, these quick danishes will make any day feel like a holiday morning! Get the recipe by clicking the link here.

Hawaiian Roll Bundt Cake

If you ever wanted to transform your favorite dinner rolls then here’s your chance with this recipe for Hawaiian Roll Bundt Cake. Cubed-up pieces of Hawaiian rolls are mixed with eggs, butter, cinnamon, and sugar and then piled into a sprayed bundt pan and baked until golden and fragrant. A quick powdered sugar-milk glaze makes the perfect topping to this cinnamony breakfast-dessert hybrid. Get the ingredient list and instructions by clicking the link.