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On those days when you’re lacking energy or motivation, Reddit /rCooking user Few_Tumbleweed_5209 asked other members what they do when they aren’t hundred percent. While there were many replies with simple take out options, ready premade foods, and tips like using disposable plates, there were simple and comforting recipes people turned to in down times.

1. A Grain Of Comfort


“I rely on rice a lot. There’s something so comforting (to me) about a warm bowl of buttered rice. You can add pretty much anything to it. I don’t know, it seems plain, but at the same time it’s nice.”


2. In An Instant

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“Instant noodles with fresh greens and chili crisp thrown in.”
Via: epicurian_h/r/Cooking

3. Childhood Favorites

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“It might be helpful to think about your favorite childhood meals, especially the ones that are quick to throw together, and keep the ingredients for a couple of those on hand. For example, one of my family’s go-to last minute meals was a box of Kraft mac and cheese and a can of green beans with Morton Season-All sprinkled on it. It’s not nutritionally optimal, but it gets the job done. It’s easier to muster the energy to make food when I know the end result will taste good and bring up positive emotions.”
Via: cosmeticsnerd/r/Cooking

4. A Dressed Up Spud

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“Baked potatoes are my go to. Quick and easy. I usually just do it in the microwave but if you have time do it in the oven. Butter, season it up. I use Caesar dressing because I’m obsessed, ranch is good too. Sour cream.. whatever you like. Cheese of your choice. Green onions, drizzle of BBQ sauce. Whatever toppings you like honestly. That’s just what I like. Sometimes I’ll roast frozen cauliflower in the air fryer too.”
Via: princess_slaya03/r/Cooking

5. Soft And Soothing

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“Soft boiled eggs on a bed of grits. Takes nothing but two pots of boiling water to cook both (or you can use–shudder– instant grits).”
Via: Amardella/r/Cooking

6. Freezer Favorites

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“Siberian takeaway — aka freeze part of what you cook when you feel good. Eating sad food when I already feel sad or tired just makes me feel worse.”
Via: DomeOverManhattan/r/Cooking

7. Pasta Things

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“Lacking in energy? Time for the household dish known as ‘Pasta Thing’. Tomato pasata, onion, olives/capers, bacon/chorizo/salami and whatever green we’ve got. Serve with cheese on. Cooking time 20 minutes.”

Via: Irishwol/r/Cooking

8. Standby Proteins

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“I always have some frozen cooked shrimp on hand from the store. It unthaws super quick. After I unthaw it, I chop it up fine and mix it with mayo and sambal. Slice up a cucumber, add some rice on top of the cucumber then the chopped shrimp. Poor man’s sushi.”

Via: Glass_Situation_4715/r/Cooking

9. A Bowl Of Quick Comfort

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“Pastina: Two cups of tiny pasta (stars, acini di pepe, orzo), four cups of water, and three bouillon cubes. Simmer together, stay nearby and stir occasionally because it will try to stick to the bottom. After most of the liquid is absorbed, take off the heat and add three tablespoons butter and up to 1/4 cup Parmesan. Let it cool down in the bowl for a minute and it will thicken up.”

Via: _vault_of_secrets/r/Cooking

10. Italian Toast

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“I keep a jar of good marinara in the pantry and nice bread in the freezer. I usually have mozzarella cheese and butter to hand because I use both all the time. When I’m hungry and don’t feel like cooking (and don’t want to order out for reasons), I’ll put a couple of slices of bread in the toaster oven to toast. When they’re light brown I’ll butter them, add some garlic salt, and top them with the cheese, then I’ll put them back in the toaster oven under the broiler. I’ll heat up the marinara, slice up the toast with melty, garlic-y cheese on top, and then dip the toast in the marinara to eat. Typing this out took more effort than actually making it.”

Via: booksandcats4life/r/Cooking

11. One Pan Wonders

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“Root vegetables in the oven, wrapped in foil, 400°, 1.5 hours. Potatoes, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, garlic, etc. It’s so sweet, so simple, so hearty.”

Via: hunterssecondlaptop/r/Cooking