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Out of all of the nuts out on the market, walnuts have remained one of the most affordable options. Rich in nutrients and loaded with healthy fats, walnuts are a win-win supermarket staple. So it’s unfortunate when recent E. coli outbreaks have been linked to this standby kitchen pantry staple.

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In late April, around a dozen people between California and Washington states were infected with E. coli. Seven people were hospitalized, two of whom developed a dangerous kidney disease called hemolytic uremic syndrome.

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While reports of illness have only popped up in those two West Coast states, these walnuts have been packaged and distributed to nineteen states in total. A list of grocery stores that had distributed the nuts has been compiled by the FDA.

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Gibson Farms issued a recall of walnuts produced and sold with the expiration dates spanning from May 21st, 2025 to June 7th, 2025. While the majority of the nuts were sold in bulk bins, grocery stores also repackaged these bulk nuts in plastic clamshell containers and bags.

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Consumers are advised to check they purchased walnuts and dispose of them. If surfaces have come in contact with the contaminated walnuts, they should be sanitized with hot soapy water.