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Does being from a certain state make you better at different things? This question was brought up on TikTok in a fun and playful manner.

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TikToker Fritz Amspacher took inspiration from the gaming world and posted a video about state stats. Essentially, stats are plus or minus characteristics that vary based on the state you’re from.

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As a New Jersey native, Amspacher said that being from New Jersey gave him +4 constitution, +4 intelligence, and +5 damage with a one-handed weapon.

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After his post, people were quick to comment with their own state stats.

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The comment section was surprisingly lighthearted and full of wit, looking to and mocking the nuances (and flaws of their home states).

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Some asked questions about residing in different states from their birth state, and the responses were quite hilarious.

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The comments weren’t just limited to the US, as people from other countries chimed in on the statistics as well. Something that could’ve sparked negative reactions actually turned out to be a fun interactive discussion full of snarky humor.

Do you think you could accurately describe the stats of your state? If you want to watch the whole video click the link here.


I’ve been thinking about this one for a while and want to know what stat bonuses other states would give, I’m thinking Florida people would innately be built like a tank #rpg #dnd #fantasy #character #newjersey #florida

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