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Pimentos are a side character in most recipes, but they need more recognition. These bright specks of red add great color and flavor to any savory recipe you have cooking. While everyone simply thinks of the classic cheese spread, there are tons of ways to use pimentos in your recipes.

Amish Pasta Salad

This creamy Amish Pasta Salad isn’t the first place you’d expect to find pimentos, but this ingredient injects a lot into this classic side dish. The creamy tangy and sweet dressing is balanced by hard-boiled eggs, crunchy celery, and pimentos for a bright contrast of color. All of the ingredients play off one another for one fantastic bite. To get the ingredient list and step-by-step instructions, click the link here.

Chicken Spaghetti Casserole

When hearing a vintage recipe like Chicken Spaghetti Casserole, you imagine a list containing canned ingredients, but not here! This version starts with a homemade cream sauce enriched with a deep umami flavor from sliced cremini mushrooms. Pimentos pair with green bell peppers to bring brightness and freshness to a rich and creamy casserole. If you’re interested in making the recipe, click the link here!

French Chicken Broccoli Casserole

French Chicken Broccoli Casserole is nostalgic warmth and comfort baked up in a 9×13-inch pan. Broccoli and chicken are layered in the pan and coated in a white wine cream sauce peppered with pimentos. Covered with more cheese and baked until bubbling hot, this casserole is full of complex, layered flavors. To get the recipe, click the link here!

Pimento Cheese Soup

Pimento Cheese Soup

Pimento cheese is usually a side character in a recipe, but here it’s front and center stage in this Pimento Cheese Soup. Potatoes, bacon, and onions are a base for a creamy roux-based stock, while jarred pimentos are partnered with sharp cheddar cheese and a heavy dose of black pepper. This sort of creaminess takes comfort food to the next level. Get all of the recipe’s details by clicking the link here.

Pimento Cheese Baked Chicken

Pimento cheese, mayonnaise, and shredded cheese are a delightful trinity coating this recipe for Pimento Cheese Baked Chicken. The classic spread became the sauce, and it absolutely works. Baked in the oven with chicken breasts until tender, saucy, gooey, and oh-so rich you’ll wonder why you’ve never baked pimento cheese like this before! If you want to make the recipe, click the link here!

Southern Pimento Cheese

Nothing brings home the gold like a classic traditional version done right. This Southern Pimento Cheese is a classic old-fashioned recipe with tons of built-in complexity. A touch of Old Bay seasoning gives it zippiness, while the grated onion cuts through the richness and adds a touch of natural onion sweetness. Get the recipe by clicking the link here!