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I love having a few easy meals on hand for those times I don’t feel like cooking or have had a busy day. Sure, there’s fast food, take-out, delivery, and boxed dinner options – all of which I definitely do from time to time, but these sheet pan dinners are a great compromise. They are simple, quick, and healthier than greasy fast food or boxed dinners with all those added preservatives. Go ahead and check out these easy to throw together dinners and try a few out this week!

Garlic Butter Salmon Sheet Pan Dinner

Close up of salmon, potatoes, and greens on a sheet pan

Sheet pan meals make life so easy and this particular one is really something special. A far cry from the usual chicken breasts or sausage you see in a sheet pan dinner, this one features enough salmon to feed four hungry people plus roasted potatoes plus green beans. And did I mention it comes with an incredibly delicious herb-studded garlic butter sauce? It’s true. It’s the perfect (complete!) meal for a quick weeknight dinner or for a special occasion. Get the recipe here!

Sheet Pan Cashew Chicken

Top down photo of cashew chicken, broccoli, and red pepper on a sheet pan

This is a fun way to make one of my family’s favorite take-out dishes, cashew chicken. A highlight of this meal is the minimal list of ingredients: chicken, bell peppers, broccoli, cashews, and a nice sauce that’s really more like a savory glaze. Clean up is a breeze, just in case you’re looking for another very good reason to make sheet pan cashew chicken. Trust me, I know the temptation of just picking up the phone to order take-out, but nothing compares to the ease and freshness of making your own meal, right at home. And it basically takes the same amount of time! Cashew chicken with soy glaze and veggies is quick, simple, and healthier. Enjoy! Get the recipe here!

Autumn Sausage And Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner

Close up of a bowl with sausage and veggies

I like to use sausage on a sheet pan because it cooks so quickly and since this one uses smoked sausage, all you really have to worry about is browning it. Kielbasa is a great choice with this combo, but any kind of pre-cooked sausage will work just fine. The sausage is combined with sweet potatoes, red onion, and Brussels sprouts – my fall fave – and the whole lot is tossed in a mixture of olive oil, garlic, thyme, oregano, and sage. That means everything gets nicely browned, but also infused with a nice garlic-herb flavor. Get the recipe here!

Sheet Pan Honey Garlic Chicken

Pan with chicken and veggies and honey glaze on top

Here, we’ve got our honey garlic chicken and veggie sheet pan dinner, and we couldn’t be happier with it. Brown sugar, garlic, ginger, onion, soy sauce, honey, and sesame oil blend together to form a flavor-packed sauce that tops your ingredients both before and after baking. A smattering of sesame seeds gets sprinkled on top and you’ve got yourself a filling and nutritious meal that everyone will devour! Get the recipe here!

Sheet Pan Quiche Lorraine

Unbaked quiche in a pan with fancy edges

Quiche is a natural choice for so many morning meal occasions, but a sheet pan quiche just might be the even better choice when you’re hosting an A.M. gathering. Rather than going to the trouble of making multiple quiches for a crowd, baking just one up sheet pan style can serve all of your family and friends with very little effort on your part. Our sheet pan version of quiche has a lower filling to crust ratio than the traditional method, but we find that it’s a rather pleasant balance. And speaking of filling, we’ve gone with quiche lorraine here – the classic filling of ham or bacon, onions, and Swiss cheese. Get the recipe here!

Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas

Sheet pan with steak strips, onions, peppers, and tortillas on top

Is there any better feeling than when a piping hot plate of sizzling fajitas gets placed down in front of you?? It’s a hard feeling to beat, but we think we may just have cracked the code to recreating restaurant-worthy steak fajitas at home! That’s right, tons of yummy roasted veggies and perfectly cooked steak…it doesn’t get better – or easier – than this. Get the recipe here!

Sheet Pan Greek Chicken

Top down of sheet pan with chicken and diced greens and veggies

While it might look like a slightly more extensive ingredient list than other dishes you might cook on a weeknight, let us assure you this dish really just consists of chopping up a bunch of veggies and then throwing together a super simple dressing. Toss it all together and throw it in the oven, then kick back and wait for your healthy and delicious dinner to be ready to chow down on. We got ahead of ourselves though: this is our sheet pan Greek chicken and we are absolutely obsessed. Get the recipe here!

Sheet Pan Potato Apple Pecan Chicken

Close up of seasoned chicken thighs, potatoes, and apple slices

Are you looking for an easy cold-weather dinner that’s simple and delicious? This is the one for you! This is our sheet pan potato apple pecan chicken and it’s jam-packed with flavor and super quick to throw together. We used chicken thighs here, since we think they’re a bit more flavorful than chicken breasts, but you can use whatever you have on hand, then we added apples, pecans and new potatoes to turn this into a full meal. Get the recipe here!

Sheet Pan Macaroni And Cheese

Top down of crispy cheese topping on man n cheese

While some of you may still think that macaroni and cheese is a beloved childhood memory or something to make only for the kiddos in one’s life, we’ve remained devoted to this creamy, cheesy classic for a long, long time. While we love the traditional version of this with the stovetop sauce and the boiled noodles and the 9×13 with all the cheese or breadcrumbs layered on top, we got a little tired of the drawn-out process and decided to try our hand at simplifying things. Get the recipe here!

4-Ingredient Sheet Pan Lemon Butter Shrimp

Close up of seasoned shrimp on top of lemon slice on a sheet pan

Okay, as you very well may know, we’ll never stop singing the praises of meals that come together quickly and easily, especially ones that are absolutely delicious like this four-ingredient lemon butter shrimp. Shrimp, butter, lemon and Italian seasoning are all you need for this sheet pan dinner and it is amazing – seriously, everyone we’ve made it for has raved about it! Get the recipe here!

Hopefully you found a few easy weeknight dinners!