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If you love putting ranch dressing on your salad then chances are that you’re no stranger to using dried ranch dressing packets in your cooking as well. The tangy and herbed flavor goes well with just about anything. It’s not too spicy or too boring and in many dishes those packets of ranch seasoning can add the perfect zip and zing to make each bite extra flavorful. And, if you don’t love buying the little packets here’s the recipe to make your own dry ranch seasoning, too!

10) Crispy Ranch Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are one of my new favorite things and they are surprisingly popular at get togethers. These plain legumes get a superb crunch when roasted and if you coat them in ranch seasoning they’re even tastier. Get the recipe here.

9) Ranch Taco Pasta Salad

Adding some ranch is an easy way to jazz up your pasta salad, but this recipe takes it another step further by adding some taco seasoning as well. You get a creamy, perfectly seasoned pasta salad that’s miles away from average. Some fresh veggies liven it up even more. Get the recipe here.

8) Chicken Bacon Ranch Enchiladas

Along the same lines as the taco pasta salad these chicken bacon ranch enchiladas combine ranch with amazing Tex-Mex flavors for a meal that’s so good you’ll be coming back for seconds. And, they’re so easy to make, too! Get the recipe here.

7) Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Italian dishes can also get a boost from some ranch, this time in pre-made salad dressing form. The dressing here stands in for tomato sauce for a zesty flavor all the way through this tasty pie. Some chicken and bacon make it even more delectable. Get the recipe here.

6) Cheesy Ranch Smashed Potatoes

If there’s anything tastier than regular smashed potatoes it’s got to be those same smashed taters with some ranch on them. They’re creamy in the middle, crispy on the outside, and brimming with flavor. Get the recipe here.

5) Ranch Spinach Dip

Ranch dip is always a hit at parties, but add some spinach and cheese and bake it and you’ve got a whole other level of tastiness. Serve this one with some baguette slices or preztels and be prepared to watch it disappear as if by magic. Get the recipe here.

4) Ranch Chicken Salad

A simple combination of chicken, mayo, and the herbs and spices that make ranch so wonderful- that’s what delicious chicken salad is made from. The secret ingredient here is some buttermilk to give it that fresh ranch dressing taste. Get the recipe here.

3) Chicken Bacon Basil Wraps

Sometimes the simplest recipes can be some of the best. These chicken bacon basil wraps are filled with yumminess and the ranch dressing just makes it all come together. Wrap these in plastic or foil for a portable meal on the go. Get the recipe here.

2) Ranch Potato Casserole

This dish reminds me of funeral potatoes but without any crunchy topping. And of course it has the addition of ranch seasoning to kick up the flavor on this comfort food classic. Get the recipe here.

1) Cheesy Onion Crisps

This simple take on the cheese “cookie” takes only a few ingredients and turns them into an irresistible snack or appetizer. This one’s for onion-lovers only though! Get the recipe here.