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When the nights are cold and you need a quick, comforting meal you know your family will enjoy, then nothing works quite like a hearty soup. It’s the go-to meal in my family’s house because I know everyone will love it. In fact, some of these soups are so hearty, they might be better classified as stews or chilis! But I digress, however you want to classify them, they’ll get the job done without too much hassle and you know everyone will leave the table happy and full. Take a look and give one (or all) a try this week!

1. Midnight Soup

Midnight Soup
Image Source: 12 Tomatoes

This traditional German New Year’s dish is the perfect winter warmer. It’s also very flexible as it goes well with Polish sausage, ground beef, bacon, or ham. Whatever works for your budget and tastes will work in this dish. It comes together rather quickly and can be made ahead of time. You can make this fantastic soup here.

2. Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup

Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup
Image Source: 12 Tomatoes

Nothing soothes and comforts like a bowl of chicken soup, except maybe this amped up version. By adding cheesy tortellini and a creamy broth, you get a silky, hearty dish that will have you forgetting all about the cold outside.

Find this delicious soup here.

3. Tuscan White Bean Soup

Tuscan White Bean Soup
Image Source: 12 Tomatoes

This light, nourishing soup may not seem hearty enough, but it definitely comforts like a stew. It comes together very fast too so you won’t be spending too much time on prep work or simmering. Get the recipe for it here and give it a try tonight!

4. Everything But the Kitchen Sink Soup

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Soup
Image Source: 12 Tomatoes

This is one of those dishes that lends itself to being tinkered with. Whatever you have on hand will work here or if you have something you really want to try then go for it. Corn, zucchini and green beans? Go for it! Or, red peppers, mushrooms and water chestnuts? That’ll be great too! No wrong answers with this one. Find it here for an easy and creative dinner.

5. ‘Cold Fighter’ Chicken Couscous Soup

Cold Fighter Chicken Couscous Soup
Image Source: 12 Tomatoes

Whether you’re sick, or just sick and tired of the cold, this soup will have you feeling better in no time. It has a heartier feel than normal chicken soup with couscous instead of egg noodles. And the turmeric and ginger also give it an additional warning quality perfect for cold nights. Check this recipe out here and forget all about the cold.

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