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How many of these old school recipes do you remember? We love rediscovering old recipes and whipping them up for our kiddos to enjoy! Recently, we found a stash of vintage recipes and we just had to share. A few of these are from the 50s & 60s, and some even date back to depression era cooking. When is the last time you made of these? Try one out tonight! (Answers and recipes are on the next page).


This British dish is hundreds of years old!


The ingredients for this dish are simple, but it is a hard recipe to perfect!


This isn’t just any chocoloate cake. This one uses baking soda and vinegar. Any guesses on this surprising cake’s name?


This delicious dish is good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Add some fruit or keep it simple.


Hint: This isn’t ice cream! We remember this dish around the thanksgiving table growing up!


This sweet and tangy cake is named after a farm animal!


Wiith only 4 ingredients, this dish could be found in just about every cook book in the 1950s.


This retro recipe always reminds us of grandma!


These classic dessert bars go by many names… can you remember them all?

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