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Baking is one of those things that can truly warm the soul and shortcuts don’t cut it all of the time. Yet when I came across this recipe that blew up on online forums, I knew the simplicity of this Big Mama Cinnamon Roll Cake recipe was hiding something special.

Via: Reddit

Cinnamon rolls have this love-hate-pull to them. I love them because they are gooey and rich and pillowy but I hate making a yeasted dough and waiting for everything to rest and rise, that is why this recipe is so marvelous. The time-consuming dough is swapped out for an easy quick cake batter. This recipe comes from a relative of an online Reddit user — it’s sweet with nostalgia and has even sweeter results.

Via: Reddit

Count your lucky stars because this cake-based recipe cuts out all the annoying extra cinnamon roll steps. No rolling? Say what? That sweet cinnamon filling is swirled into the batter, creating a warm spiced bite with every forkful!

Baking is the hardest part, mostly because of the wait time, but you can distract yourself by making a frosting with melted butter, milk, and powdered sugar.

Reviews of the recipe are a solid thumbs up, because not only is the cinnamon cake a hit, but it’s also a very forgiving recipe. Many have altered the ratios of sugar or swapped out shortening for different fats and haven’t seen a baking disaster.

Big Mama's Cinnamon Roll Cake

We couldn’t resist the hype and ended up making the recipe ourselves — you can follow the recipe link here!