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For those who love garlic, you (and your close friends and family) also know. But the flavor of garlic is simply a unique heavenly combination that tastes as good as it smells. When cooked, the sharp rawness of garlic melts into this amazingly sweet and savory aroma. And while garlic is all fine and good on some bread with butter, there are so many ways to get your garlic fix.

Garlic Herb Cheese Log

Garlic partners with some aromatic sidekicks in this Garlic Herb Cheese Log. Softened goat cheese and cream cheese blend together to form a dippable texture. A pairing of parsley, chives, basil, and oregano makes for an herbaceous counterpart to the robust garlic flavor and the richness of the cheese. If you want to make the recipe for yourself, you can click the link here.

Garlic Roasted Olives

Olives marinated in a bath of sun-soaked Mediterranean olive oil are the perfect companion to alcohol, meats, and cheeses. When you add roast garlic to the mix, this appetizer gets raised to a completely new level. This recipe for Garlic Roasted Olives takes that ho-hum deli counter appetizer and makes it a wow-worthy delight. A fresh squeeze of lemon, chopped oregano, and tart capers work with crushed garlic to transform simple olives into a salty, savory treat. To get the recipe, click the link here.

Roasted Garlic Dip

We’re not newcomers in the world of savory dips, but we made this Roasted Garlic Dip changed dips for us forever (there’s no going back!). After roasting heads of garlic in a foil packet with olive oil, the cloves blend smoothly with a variety of cheeses and a rich, creamy base. The whole dip is baked until the top achieves golden perfection, and every dip gives you a social media-worthy cheese pull. To get the recipe, click the link here.

Garlic Bread Of The Future

Garlic Bread Of The Future is your way to take garlic bread and turn up the flavor. Bread is cut into cubes, and all of the sides are coated in herbaceous, garlicky butter and then pan-fried until it gets crispy and golden brown. To see the recipe with all of the ingredients and instructions, you can click the link here.

Garlicky Butter Bath Biscuits

Biscuits always need butter, but these Garlicky Butter Bath Biscuits bake with the butter. A buttermilk-based biscuit tops a garlicky, herb-filled butter sauce and gets baked in the oven until it gets baked to perfection. The butter seeps into the biscuit crumb, creating an ultra-tender, delicate bite each and every time. Looking to see the ingredients and instructions? Click the link here.