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Sliders are a perfect no-stress dish. Meaty, cheesy layers sandwiched between buttery soft buns – yes please! They’re an easy center stage dish to a game-day spread of snacks since they’re so simple to prepare but tend to steal the show. Try any of these slider recipes for your upcoming sports event, just don’t be surprised if they go fast!

Monte Cristo Sliders

On paper, the Monte Cristo is a sandwich that makes very little sense. Ham, turkey, swiss – okay that all seems normal… and then powdered sugar? And jam for dipping? What on earth! But, in reality, when you bite into one it is somehow absolutely delicious and it all makes sense. It’s like the embodiment of what sweet and salty combos should be. And here our Monte Cristo Sliders let you serve up that combo to a whole crew of people with no trouble at all. I love a party slider and I especially love these. You and your guests will too – it’s inevitable!

Pesto Chicken Sliders

Sandwiches aren’t usually my go-to when it comes to mealtime, but I’ll make an exception for these Pesto Chicken Sliders any day of the week! With juicy chicken, melted mozzarella cheese, pesto sauce, and a butter garlic topping, these sliders are anything but ordinary.

Easy French Dip Sliders

Sandwiches are the best. They’re basically like an entire meal in a nice little package, and there’s usually cheese involved. What I’m saying is, they’re incredibly easy to love. That being said, I’ve always been partial to the French Dip, because well, it’s a sandwich that you get to dip. And a sandwich + dip is a happy marriage. It’s hard to believe that lunch could get any better! Until you meet this super simple slider version, that is. With sweet Hawaiian rolls as your base, you can make twelve little French Dips all at once in a single pan and you can make ’em ahead if you need to. (How’s that for the perfect party app?)

Sheet Pan Cheeseburger Sliders

A delicious cheeseburger almost always hits the spot, but sometimes standing over a hot grill can feel like a chore. This easy slider method, though, feels like anything but and it still will crush any cheeseburger craving. (These are juicy and totally delicious!) Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or just for your family, it turns out a lot of cheeseburgers quickly and since it uses a sheet pan oven preparation, you don’t need to stand around flipping anything.

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