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Life sure seems to have a way of getting busy and when that happens, the last thing we want to spend our time doing is scrubbing dishes at the sink. We love quick and easy meals that don’t make a mess; they help us spend more time sitting down to a home cooked meal with our family and less time in the kitchen. We’re sure it’s the same around your household, so we’ve got 12 of our favorite one pot meals to share with you! Each one comes together in one pan, pot, or skillet so you can be sure that cleanup is the least of your concerns.

One Pot Veggie Fajita Pasta

When pasta gets cooked in its sauce, it means that there’s a whole lot of flavor without a whole lot of dishes. This veggie-filled penne dish is a favorite at our house and it will be at yours too! Click here for the recipe.

One Pot Braised Chicken & Mushroom Dinner

Moist chicken, earthy mushrooms, and an incredible velvety sauce make this one pan dinner hard to beat. Get the full recipe here!

One Pot Chicken & Rice

There’s no reason to cook up your rice, chicken, and veggies separately when it can all be done in one pot. (Plus, cooking it all together means there’s more flavor too.) Get the recipe here!

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