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This Chicago grocery store may seem unassuming to most but there is an awesome story that needs to be told. Did you know that they have recently set a record?

They have the largest fruit display that has ever been seen! Jewel Osco’s fruit display is beyond wild and once you start to see the sheer numbers that are at play here, you won’t be able to believe it.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Chicago

The display included over 200,000 bananas! We had no idea that this was even possible. The pile of bananas clocked in at a whopping 77,000 pounds as well. We do not envy the person or persons who had to create this gigantic display. It could not have been easy but since they set the record, we guess that it was worth it.

Of course, the grocery store was never going to be able to sell off all of these bananas. Once the record was set, they decided to hold a free banana giveaway. What happens to the bananas that are not being claimed by the general public, though? Not to worry, this grocery store has a great plan to make sure that they end up in the right hands.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Chicago

All of the remaining bananas are going to be passed along to local charities and food banks. At least this record was set by a benevolent grocery store that does not have any problem with feeding its community. The employees needed three whole days to set this up and we are willing to bet that they are glad to be done with that!

All jokes aside, this is one of the funniest things that you are going to see anytime soon. We have never seen this many bananas in the same place since our days of playing Donkey Kong Country (yes, we are well aware that we are dating ourselves here). In case you are curious, the previous record was set in Brazil, with a display that contained over 40,000 pounds of bananas.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This Chicago grocery store smashed through that mark with relative ease. It would probably take at least a week to gather all those bananas and properly display them. In the meantime, we are just here to marvel at their handiwork!

Check out the video below:

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