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Truly hard seltzer fans, it is time to buckle up because we have a major development to share with you. Those who consider themselves to be true blue fans of the seltzer are going to want to book a trip to California as soon as possible, just trust us on this one, okay? This hugely popular hard seltzer brand has decided to open up a Los Angeles location!

A brick and mortar building where we can congregate and drink hard seltzer? We can definitely make a toast to that. A recent press release announced the news of Truly LA, a new taproom, and while we cannot head out there just yet, this gives us plenty of time to figure out our next trip.

Photo: PRNewswire/Truly Hard Seltzer

It is not slated to open until next year but that is okay. Our liver needs all of the time it can get to prepare.

There are going to be 12 taps on hand, giving you all of the options that you have always dreamed of. In addition to the Truly cocktails that are sure to be served, snacks are also going to be available. After all, it is not like we are going to be able to drink on an empty stomach.

Photo: Unsplash/Nathan Dumalo

Truly has thought of everything! Local artists are going to be providing artwork to decorate this space and Truly is also planning to have live performances from various comedians and musicians. The 8,000 square foot indoor/outdoor taproom provides a sizable amount of space for revelers, too. 350 people can fit safely in this location at any given time.

But, wait….there’s more! Truly is also going to be offering patrons the chance to take home all kinds of cool merchandise. Whether you happen to live in Los Angeles or you would like to book a trip once this taproom is open, please be sure to head to Truly LA at 213 Alameda Street in downtown Los Angeles.

Innovation bar rendering at TrulyLA.Photo: PRNewswire/Truly Hard Seltzer

We cannot wait to hear more about everyone else’s trips once the big day comes.

As if this wasn’t enough good news, Truly has also announced that they are putting a special 12 pack for the holiday season. There are four cocktail-inspired flavors that are slated to be included in the new collection: Cran Orange Sparkler, Pomegranate Ginger Fizz, Holiday Sangria Style, and Spiked Apple Spice. These 12 packs drop on November 1 and they are only going to be available for a limited time only!

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