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Tis the season to eat winter vegetables! Summer is over, but does that mean that we have to wait until next year to enjoy in-season produce? Strawberries, watermelon and peaches might not be fresh and juicy in winter months, but just like our winter wardrobe changes, so does the in-season produce we eat. Sometimes it’s just a matter of being familiar with what these winter wonders are.

1. Parsnips

Parsnips are root vegetables. They can be eaten raw, but are most often cooked. Being that parsnips and carrots are cousins, parsnips can be substituted in recipes using carrots. What they do for you: Parsnips are rich in fiber (5 grams per serving – this is over 10% of your daily fiber needs). Parsnips are also rich in potassium, which plays a major role in heart health.

Parsnip Recipes:

Side Dish Recipe: Honey & Brown Sugar-Glazed Roasted Parsnips

Side Dish Recipe: Roasted Root Vegetable Medley

2. Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are bright orange starchy vegetables. They are rich in fiber and vitamin A. Vitamin A is what gives sweet potatoes their color and it plays an important role in vision, reproduction, and immunity. The skin contains some of the sugar and about half of the fiber in this beauty, so experiment with eating the entire spud – inside and out!

Sweet Potato Recipes:

Sweet Potato Gratin

Savory Sweet Potato Spread

Parmesan Sweet Potato Fries

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