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Scammers are out there, and they are trying to get your money. It’s something that we may have to deal with on a daily basis, whether it is spam email or phone calls.

As the scammers continue to work hard to take our possessions, they are getting more and more crafty. That includes something new and scary, and it was shared on TikTok.

Photo: Pexels/Marc Mueller

In the video, the woman talks about how scammers are going to even lower levels to take our money. It was reported by Brooke Bush, and it’s unbelievable what they did.

She said: “So I look like an emotional wreck right now because I’ve been crying for the past two hours, because I thought my little brother was dead.”

This wasn’t something that was just a matter of imagination, someone had called her grandfather and used artificial intelligence (AI) to trick her grandfather into thinking there was a car accident.

Photo: TikTok/@babybushwacked

Bush went on to say that the AI machine mimicked her brother’s voice. The phone call came to her grandfather, pretending to be from her grandson.

The AI caller said he was about to get in a wreck, and the line went dead. The grandfather didn’t know what to do, so he called his granddaughter, and she thought the worst.

She said: “I started driving, trying to find his location, he wasn’t picking up.”

Photo: TikTok/@babybushwacked

It took a while for them to figure out that it was actually AI technology pretending to be her little brother. It was a hoax designed to get the grandfather to panic and send money to the stranger.

That happened when a second call claimed his brother had gone to jail after killing somebody in the car wreck and needed to be bailed out.

Bush gives the warning: “If you guys ever get called, and it’s someone asking you for money that you know, they’re using a freaking AI machine to reenact their voice. How evil?”