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Flip through glossy magazines or scroll through apps, and you’ll see the same images — immaculate color-coordinated spaces. But are we really organizing things in rainbow order, and is everything we own perfectly geometrically pleasing to the eye? The truth is, organizing is pretty, but it seldom works in real life, luckily there are some ways we can tackle our places and bring actual order that will stay organized.

There are countless people and websites on the internet doling out advice, but YouTuber interior designer Caroline Winkler speaks about her experience designing and organizing spaces.

Less Is More

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She states that most spaces and people have the same problem, and it’s pretty simple — we have too much stuff. Set your timer for fifteen minutes, and do small micro-cleanses, this will help reduce the actual “load” we are dumping into our spaces. Quick clean sweeps don’t lead immediately to organization, but it clears up our rooms to be visibly appealing. Simply put, less stuff equals less stuff to organize.

Lazy Ways For Easy Access

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Another important thing about organizing and maintaining organization is the ease of access. Sure you can clean, arrange, and stack, but if you have to rearrange or unstack something to use it, the space will, once again, become a mess. Something like a Lazy Susan in a cabinet is a way to utilize depth without the hassle of unpacking everything else in the cabinet.

Making Drop Zones

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Winkler states a great way to stay organized — create intentional drop zones. Before you create or organize a drop zone, observe where you and those you live with intrinsically place or drop things. At these sights and these sights only do you create a drop zone. If a bag goes on the floor, put a table or stool. When you put keys on the table, put a bowl there. And when you get home and toss a coat in the corner, put a hook on the wall. Winkler states that it’s not about making new systems, but rather “making the system adhere to the habits people already have.”

Keep It Behind Closed Doors

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An easy way to have a more organized home is to have closed storage, sure open shelving looks pretty to show off items, but it’s not functional to keep things looking organized or clean.

Hangers To Hold Your Closet Up

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An uncomplicated way to maintain your closet’s tidiness is to buy velvet hangers. Yes, it is an investment, but unlike other hangers, velvet hangers keep the clothes on the hangers and off of your floor. There’s no battling with that tiny grooved notch or special clips, the texture is enough to keep everything in order.

Don’t Spend Your Money On Boxes

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While she mentioned one or two purchases, she didn’t endorse buying fancy storage boxes or drawer dividers. You already have an arsenal of organization pieces, no need to go to a special store! Things like small gift boxes or shoe boxes are easy and free ways to compartmentalize and organize the depths of your drawers.

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