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It’s almost human nature — sharing food. When we cook up something delicious, we want to spread the love. But sharing isn’t always caring, that’s a hard reality to find out, what’s worse is when the unappealing food is shared and eaten on live television.

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During the cold winter months bringing something to warm everyone up is a natural thought to have. At least that’s what one news anchor thought as she cooked up a rich artichoke dip.

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The dish itself, a sallow yellowish spread that had a cracked baked crust didn’t win the beauty contest in shared foods, the prospect of artichokes and cheese beneath wasn’t enough for the others in front of the camera. As its dip slid into a glass casserole dish covered in lukewarm condensation, the anchors had a hesitant, scared expression.

Via: YouTube

As she shared it with her other coworkers on air, the reality of the dip hit everyone. Two people noted the vinegar smell, and a second man described the aroma as barn-like. Tasting it didn’t change their opinions.

Via: YouTube

The first man trying it was shocked. “But the vinegar!” he exclaims between gagging bouts of chewing. “But there’s no vinegar,” says the woman who made the dip.

“What did you do!?” was the question her flabbergasted co-anchors asked her. Looking down at the casserole, she said she substituted lemon for orange. Freestyling the recipe, she also used celery salt and oregano to season the dip. The woman who ate the dip describes eating it as having a burning sensation.

If you want a good recipe for artichoke dip, you can find some here, and if you want a great laugh you can watch the video below.