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Lately, Lewis Capaldi has found himself in the news because of his willingness to put himself out there.

While most stars of his caliber would never perform in public for free, he has been taking it to the streets lately. Some of our readers might remember the surprise performance he provided for some fans on a recent flight, which was awesome.

Photo: YouTube/Lewis Capaldi

As the old saying goes, an airport sees more sincere hugs and kisses than a wedding hall. This video is a prime example of that. Lewis Capaldi decided to visit Heathrow Airport recently and the end result was an amazing one. He’s got a new song out called “Wish You The Best,” which is a dead solid perfect choice for this type of venue.

With everyone reuniting or parting ways at the airport, a song like this one is sure to tug on the old heartstrings a bit.

Photo: YouTube/Lewis Capaldi

There is something incredibly special about the pairing of song, artist, and audience here. This is something that Lewis understands instinctively. In addition to the performance, we are also given the chance to see some touching bonus footage.

He had a camera crew present and they were filming all of the reunions that were taking place in the terminal. Anyone who has ever had this type of moment at the airport is sure to relate to this performance. You might even get a bit choked up if you are anything like us. We already liked Lewis Capaldi’s music but now we are pretty sure that we love it.

Photo: YouTube/Lewis Capaldi

Anyone who is willing to go above and beyond to make the air travel experience better for all parties involved is a great man in our book. You do not even have to be a lover of music to appreciate this one. It is the sort of video that is sure to transcend all boundaries.

In the meantime, we are going to be watching this video again and again. Hopefully, this is not the last airport performance that Capaldi will be offering up before the album drops.