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When these passengers boarded their flight heading from London to Los Angeles, there is no way that they could have expected what would end up happening next.

We are happy when we find a good new movie to watch or a quality album to listen to pass the time on a flight. These people received an even better surprise than either of these.

Photo: Instagram/@lewiscapaldi

They got a surprise performance from the world-famous musician, Lewis Capaldi. He decided to provide the flyers with a special treat, as he performed a new song off his soon-to-be-released new album.

This allowed the passengers to get a taste of “Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent” before the rest of the world. The groundwork was laid for this moment before the flight even took off as well.

Capaldi had personally selected four of his fans to take part in the experience. Once Capaldi arrived, they were stunned, as they had not been told that the singer would be present at the time. In addition to providing the fans with an awesome impromptu show, he also manned the drinks trolley, handing out refreshments to the stunned passengers.

Photo: Instagram/@lewiscapaldi

As he shared on Instagram, once he came up to two teenage girls who are big fans of his music, he asked them if they would like something to drink. As you might have expected, they were stunned to even form a sentence. We understand exactly where they are coming from. We would have felt the same way if one of our favorite singers magically popped up on our flight when we were this young.

Capaldi decided to ask them if he could have some of their Pringles instead. The girls handed over the chips without so much as a second thought. They could barely contain their laughter as they did so. He served some more passengers before pulling out his guitar to sing them a few bars. “I apologize because someone is sleeping,” he said, somewhat sheepishly.

Photo: Instagram/@lewiscapaldi

“I have never seen him that close, I am like wow,” one of the teenagers finally mustered.

Capaldi could not resist the urge to make a silly joke once the performance was over, either. “Sorry for disturbing your flight, if you don’t know my name is Ed Sheeran,” Capaldi said.

You can watch the moment unfold in Capaldi’s Instagram post below: