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It’s that time of year when we’re in the depths of winter. For some of us, that comes with its own winter challenges, such as having to shovel snow off of driveways and scrape ice off of windshields.

These are tasks that many of us have probably been doing for years – all just part of a winter routine. But what if we told you that you might be using your ice scraper improperly?

Photo: YouTube/Jaymie and Josh

While most people tend to use only one side of their ice scraper, it is suggested that they instead flip it over. That’s because the ridges and nubs that are on the other side can be used to better break up the ice that has accumulated, without risking damage to the windshield.

It makes it much easier to weaken the ice by scoring it so that it can be broken up easier and scraped away.

Photo: YouTube/Jaymie and Josh

One writer for Lifehacker, A.A. Newton, gave it a try, finding that there is much to be said for this technique. It definitely leaves life easier. But, it’s not the only thing that can be done.

There are some tricks to help prevent frost and ice from building up on your windshield in the first place. For example, prior to the nighttime freeze, you can cover your windshield with a piece of cardboard. Alternatively, some people use an onion to wipe down their car’s windows.

Photo: YouTube/Jaymie and Josh

But if you find yourself in a bit of a rush and don’t have time to scrap down your windshield, you can break up the ice a little faster by turning on your car’s heat and hitting that windshield defroster button, or you can also spray your car with a mix of vinegar and water.

Check out the windshield ice scraper video down below:

Have you been using your ice scraper wrong? Or did you already know about using the other side of your ice scraper? Do you have another technique to keeping the ice off your windshields? Let us know!

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