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There’s just something extra-special about the taste of a homemade candy. While we’ve certainly been known to duck into a store to grab some candy bars for a sweet tooth fix, we want to make sure everyone knows how easy it is to whip up some of these treats yourself! Next time you’ve got a craving to satisfy, taste the difference by making one of these candies at home.

Fruit Roll Ups

Make this treat the night before, as it’s a yummy morning snack, plus, it’s super easy to pack in lunches.

Peppermint Patties

This delicious mix of peppermint and chocolate takes under an hour to make, making it the perfect choice for when you get a hankering for chocolate and need something ASAP.

Chocolate Bark

If you like chocolate with a little more substance, check out this sea salt chocolate almond bark…we promise you’ll love it!

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