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Foods contaminated with micro-organisms such as E. coli and noroviruses can cause a great deal of distress, as once inside the body, these germs can lead to sicknesses commonly referred to as food poisoning. Some foods have greater risks of contamination than others, so watch out for these items on your menu.

Rare Meat

Rare meat that looks pink in the middle is unlikely to have reached a temperature that kills off bacteria, which means there is a risk of bacteria multiplying in the middle of that big, juicy steak. Order your meat at least medium-well to ensure the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit to kill off germs during the cooking process.


Swordfish are ocean dwellers, and many specimens are robust and huge. However, not every filet arrives at the restaurant clean and healthy. Some of these fish have gigantic parasitic worms, up to 3 feet long, inhabiting their flesh. Try to avoid this catch of the day, because standard cooking processes are unlikely to kill all potential infections.

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