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Unpasteurized Milk

Some movements sweeping the United States encourage people to drink raw milk due to its alleged health benefits compared to pasteurized milk. Raw milk is unpasteurized, which means bacteria may remain and be able to grow in the liquid. Avoid raw milk and raw fruit juices to minimize your risks of bacterial infection.

Leafy Greens

Salads with dark-green leaves pack in a lot of nutrients. Unfortunately, raw vegetables may also contain a lot of bacteria and viruses due to handling processes. Manure from fertilizers or wild animals, dirty washing water and unclean hands in the field may all lead to diseases living on these plants. Wash any raw vegetables thoroughly in clean water before consumption, and use a clean cutting board and knives to slice and dice your fresh lettuce.

Raw Eggs

Raw eggs, much like raw chicken, can contain salmonella. Always cook eggs fully before eating them, whether you like them sunny-side up, scrambled or hard-boiled.

Raw Oysters

Raw oysters can contain microbes that can make you sick. The problem of food-borne illnesses from oysters continues to escalate due to warming oceans in which bacteria thrive, so there’s no real end to this food hazard in sight.

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