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Many problems have occurred as a result of the global pandemic, with one of them involving the food supply chain. The shortage of certain grocery items, including meat and dairy, are becoming more and more apparent. That is why it doesn’t surprise us that cheese prices are going to be rising soon.

One of the reasons that the food chain is impacted so heavily by the pandemic is because the food processing plant workers are getting sick. As a result, some plants have closed down and others are running short-staffed. It is those issues that have led to meat shortages that are affecting individual shoppers and some restaurants, including Wendy’s. Cheese may be the next item to be affected.

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FOXBusiness is reporting that cheese has gone up to $2.58 per pound earlier in the month of June. This is a record high when it comes to bulk purchasing. School and restaurant closures resulted in the reduction of cheese demand but it is now returning.

When cheese items, such as Parmesan and mozzarella, are purchased in bulk, it seems as if the prices are increasing. The price eventually trickles down to the supermarkets, which is why there is a delay but you will likely see the price difference soon. They aren’t sure if the price changes are long-term or a quick fix, but they are coming.

For now, you may just want to hold off on your next cheese-related meal. Then again, it might be good to stock up on a few items before the prices go crazy.

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