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The news out of Sydney, Australia, is unusual, to say the least. According to The Daily Mail, it involves a woman named Margaret Khursigara, who went out to her mailbox only to find a pile of baked beans inside.

This occurred on a Saturday morning, and she immediately got busy cleaning things. She also thought it was a rather strange occurrence, but it turns out there may be something sinister behind it.

Photo: Pexels/Sean Patrick

According to 7 News, something similar happened in the UK in 2021, when people would dump kidney beans on a doorstep. It wasn’t done as a prank. They were doing it to figure out which home was unoccupied so they could rob it later.

After pouring the kidney beans at a conspicuous location, such as a mailbox or doorstep, they would return a few hours later. If there were still beans in the area, they knew they could enter the home without anyone there.

Photo: Pixabay/Pixel1

Margaret found the baked beans in the mailbox just prior to Anzac Day, a holiday when many people would be away on holiday.

In speaking with 7 News, she said it was an obvious time to see if anybody was home because so many would be taking a four-day weekend.

Photo: Flickr/John License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Although she is concerned about what happened, she decided not to alert the authorities. She felt her home was the only one to be targeted, and she didn’t want to raise any red flags.

When the police were contacted, a spokesperson said there was no connection between beans and burglaries as of this time.