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A vacation turned into a nightmare for one family after they discovered they were being tracked by an AirTag. It happened when a notification came on their cell phone, making them aware that someone was tracking their location.

Susan O’Neil was on vacation with her family in Spain when she received that alert. Prior to the time that she received it, someone had already been tracking their movements for the entire day.

Photo: Pexels/Brett Slayes

Apple AirTags are commonly used for keeping track of important items, such as luggage or car keys. You can use an app to find the location of the tag to easily locate anything that may have been misplaced.

More recently, however, they are being used for a more frightening purpose. Susan shared this on Facebook, saying that she felt that they were likely after their two young blonde girls, Emily and Leah, and were tracking them for that purpose.

After they received the notification that someone was tracking their location, they could look at a map and follow their own location throughout the day. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find the AirTag and Susan feels that it was lost when her husband got her wallet out of the stroller.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

She said: “Something fell out which sounded like the noise of a coin falling on the floor.”

They didn’t give it much thought at the time but they feel that was the moment that the tracking had stopped. They feel that someone had put the AirTag into the stroller.

Unfortunately, the police were not able to do anything because they no longer have access to the device. According to Susan’s Facebook post, the police felt that they were possibly being targeted for theft, but Susan thought that it was something much different.

Photo: Pexels/Gift Habeshaw

She said: “We believe they were wanting our two young blonde girls.”

The family was so frightened that they booked a flight home to Scotland the next day. They didn’t want to risk anything happening to the girls.

In the end, she had a warning for everyone. She said: “Please just be aware of everything around you and don’t let your kids out of your site, especially in another country.”

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