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Cabbage is a brilliant yet underrated vegetable. On its own it’s gently sweet but a little bland, yet transforms when combined with different ingredients, especially those where it gets the chance to soak up flavor or show off its crunchy goodness.

Cabbage is economical and unassuming, and a tremendous choice to fill out meals from a variety of cuisines. When you give it some attention, cabbage turns into a tasty, flavorful and texture friendly part of your meal that you can always rely on. The 9 recipes below showcase the most popular dishes in our collection. Whether used in mains, sides, or snacks, cabbage will never let you down!

1. Cabbage Roll Soup


There’s no need to wrap up your cabbage rolls (as yummy as they are) – this recipe involves just a little bit of stirring and simmering to give you seasoned beef, rice, and tender cabbage enveloped by a savory tomato broth. The flavors of onion and garlic, paprika and brown sugar get sopped up by the rice and cabbage, making this delicious Cabbage Roll Soup hugely hearty and flavorful.

2. Cabbage Pie Casserole

Cabbage Pie Casserole

When comfort food is calling, a recipe like Cabbage Pie Casserole is just what we’re looking for – it’s one of those vintage recipes that is often passed down from generation to generation. In this version of the classic, cabbage filling is enhanced by savory ingredients such as onion and parmesan, while the casserole is topped by a puffed up and pillowy, surprisingly crunchy batter.

3. One-Pan Ground Beef, Cabbage, and Rice


One-Pan Ground Beef, Cabbage, and Rice is the perfect dish for when you don’t have the energy to make a difficult meal for dinner but you want it to be tasty, full of flavor, and able to feed the whole family. It satisfies the need for something fresh and tasty but is quick to cook from ingredients that you have handy, all with connections to classic comfort food dishes.

4. Israeli Red Cabbage Salad


Calling it a recipe is a stretch – cabbage, mayo, lemon, sugar and salt – Israeli Red Cabbage Salad is a basic but colorful and crunchy coleslaw. I love it for its simple, refreshing flavor, and the ability it has to liven up your plate! It works as a topping on sandwiches or burgers, but is also fantastic when it’s served as a side.

5. Cajun Cabbage and Sausage


This delightful Cajun Cabbage and Sausage recipe is quick and convenient, combining classic southern herbs and spices, Andouille sausage, and cabbage. Andouille smoked sausages are synonymous with the South’s great comfort foods, have wine and onions in them, which add flavor notes not present in other kinds of pork sausages. These elements are combined with the unexpected infusion of apples, the ingredient that elevates this dish into a smash-hit meal perfect for family and/or guests.

6. Cabbage Pie Skillet

Our Cabbage Pie Skillet is a belly-warming way to use up veggies lingering in the refrigerator, and serve up a little bit of simple comfort without too much effort. The combination of textures – crunchy cabbage, savory onion and creamy filling – is a real standout. Everything bakes off in the oven – hence the use of the skillet – to leave a golden crust that adds flavor and crunch.

7. Cheesy Mashed Potato Cabbage Balls


Cheese, mashed potato, and cabbage is a can’t miss combination, underrated for using as tasty next day leftovers!. This Cheesy Mashed Potato Cabbage Balls recipe is delicious, plus they’re super easy to throw together! You just scoop the mix (don’t be afraid to throw a wild mix together) into balls, pop them in the oven (or the air fryer) and you’re good to go!

8. Spicy Baked Cabbage

Spicy Baked Cabbage

This easy preparation of cabbage is baked on a sheet pan in a sauce of lime juice, sriracha hot sauce, and honey. You can serve it in two ways; the thick wedge cut has a hearty steakhouse vibe, while cabbage shredded or chopped into ribbons is great with stir fries. The melding of flavors in Spicy Baked Cabbage creates a deep, subtly warm sauce that soaks right into the creases of the vegetable – every possible surface of the leafy cabbage is coated in flavor.

9. Southern Fried Cabbage


Southern Fried Cabbage is a sweet and tender side dish – quick, easy, and totally no-fuss, with plenty of salty, crispy bacon for good measure! It’s a tremendous recipe to cobble together when you’re stumped for ideas or need something quick, accessible, and inexpensive using ingredients that are easy to keep on hand, and the bacon-cabbage combo is brilliant for flavor lovers!


Cooking cabbage is straightforward, but how you serve it up and the flavors that you pair it with can create dazzling versatility in how it tastes. These recipes are great for making your cabbage repertoire more versatile and appealing, because it’s a great vegetable to use in a lot of different meal styles.