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We love going out to eat! Who doesn’t like to take a night off every once in a while? When we go out, we opt for Italian, usually Olive Garden. But sometimes we crave our favorite soups and pasta dishes throughout the week (okay let’s be honest, we crave them all the time, but can’t justify going out 4 nights a week). So we decided to get creative in the kitchen and see if we could come up with some copycat recipes. You will not be disappointed! The family just loves when we do an “Olive Garden Night In.” See for yourself with this list of inspired dishes. Which one is your favorite?

Roasted Potatoes

These potatoes are cheesy and crispy on the outside, and full of creamy potato goodness on the inside. We weren’t quite sure we could mimic that type of deliciousness at home, but this copycat version is almost exact, and the addition of Parmesan cheese really takes things up a notch. Get the delicious recipe here!

Slow Cooker Olive Garden Chicken

We’ve definitely got a winner with this one. And it really couldn’t be simpler: throw a bottle of salad dressing and chicken into a slow cooker for a few hours voilà – we’re just a side salad away from a delicious meal, and one that tastes almost exactly like what we get at our favorite Italian restaurant. Get the easy recipe here!

Chicken Gnocci Soup

While we do enjoy eating out on occasion, we absolutely love creating copycat versions that we can enjoy at home, and this gnocchi soup is no exception! Even though the deep flavors make us think it took hours to make, it actually comes together quickly, making it a perfect weeknight dinner to warm us up from the inside out! Get our satisfying recipe here!

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