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There’s just something so comforting about a heaping helping of baked beans. They really are the perfect side dish on a plate full of comfort food! Baked beans have a way of complimenting almost anything they are paired with. We love to have them as a side for picnics and grill outs, stuff them inside of potatoes, and even bake them in casseroles! There are so many ways to use baked beans around the kitchen, so we rounded up a few of our favorite recipes. Try out a few this week, we promise you won’t regret it!

Slow Cooker Frank And Beans

In the mood for some comfort food? Our favorite baked bean recipe is always in season, and the best part is that it’s so easy to make! All you really need are the few staple ingredients, and then you can choose to make any additional changes the way you want for a personalized flavor. This recipe establishes a savory and spicy profile, making it a particularly welcome treat after a long day. Get the easy recipe here!

Hawaiian Baked Beans

These Hawaiian Baked Beans… ohhhh boy, with the savory magic of bacon and the sweet tang of pineapple, you’ll be beating back requests for the recipe. It’s nice to throw something different into the mix every once in a while and these are a nice break from your standard potluck side of beans… though they’re so tasty, it’s kind of a hard break to return from. Get the addicting recipe here!

Root Beer Baked Beans

Speaking of added ingredients, we’ve got a secret one that really takes this dish to the next level: root beer! We used a couple cans of beans in this, but the finished product has, in large part thanks to the root beer, such a greater depth of flavor it’s insane…plus, hello, giant bacon pieces! Aside from how delicious this tastes, the next best thing about this recipe is that you can make it in the slow cooker, yay! Get the delicious recipe here!

Burnt End Baked Beans

Turn regular baked beans into a savory, spicy side that everyone loves with a few burnt ends added to the foray. Kansas City-style burnt ends are the last part of the cut of brisket, and these tender pieces of beef make great little chunks of meat to go in stews, soups, and beans. These fix-and-forget homemade beans cook in a slow cooker all day so everything is tender by dinner time. Get the crowd pleasing recipe here!

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