8 Recipes To Take Your Baked Beans To The Next Level!

We’ve rounded up our favorite ways to jazz up baked beans!

Classic Frank And Beans

This recipe is seriously such a breeze to pull together, it makes for the perfect choice when you have friends over. Use the oven for whatever bigger dishes you’re making, but free up space with this slow cooker recipe…anytime we make it, it gets devoured, so you really can’t go wrong! Get the full recipe here!

5 Bean Hotdish

This five-bean casserole is the perfect example of a hotdish, consisting of both beans and bacon. This dish will warm you right up and is perfect for get-togethers and family dinners; the only exertion involves operating a can-opener and watching the bacon to keep it from burning! This tasty dish is hearty and filling, perfect for colder months. Get the delicious recipe here!

Jacket Potatoes And Beans

“Jacket potatoes” are the British version of a loaded baked potato and are usually stuffed to the brim with yummy toppings, such as chili, tuna salad, chicken or bacon. We kept these jacket potatoes pretty simple: choosing to fill them just with beans and cheese that’s all you need for these taters (or in Scotland, “tatties”) to be delicious! Get the tasty recipe here!

Cowboy Baked Beans

Hang on to your horses, ladies and gentlemen, because these cowboy beans pack a punch! Made with sinfully delicious bacon, this chili/stew (whichever you prefer) is hearty and packed with different tastes; from chilis, to garlic, to honey, this dish covers the flavor spectrum, and we really think you should try it! Get the ridiculously delicious recipe here!