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With the windows closed, the sun setting in the wee-early afternoon hours, and the freezing weather biting as you step out for the day, it’s no wonder everyone feels less than a hundred percent this time of year. Whether you’re feeling physically blah, or you’re under the weather, soup is a great pick me up. And while you may think you have your recipes sorted, try out some of these simple soups that are sure to cure the winter doldrums.

Irish Potato and Onion Soup

Irish Potato and Onion Soup

This is the soup for those who spent the early hours of the morning scraping ice off of their cars or spent their weekend shoveling their driveway and need some good fuel. Irish Potato and Onion Soup is as simple as it gets. While there is a slim list of ingredients, you get a lot of flavor. The bay leaf and onion infuse aromatic nuances into the buttery flesh of the Yukon Gold potatoes. This soup can be a simple vegetarian soup, or it can be dressed up with the addition of chicken or beef. If you’re curious about the recipe, click the link here.

10-Minute Rice Soup

10-Minute Rice Soup has been an under-the-weather food in countless cultures for young and old alike. The chicken-based broth thickens with the rice, creating a crossover between a soup and a porridge. Rice’s digestibility is perfect for when people catch a cold, and the eggs provide an easy-to-eat serving of protein. To get the recipe, click the link.

Sick Day Chicken Soup

When a sick day hits your house, nothing really hits the spot, except for soups like this Sick Day Chicken Soup. Turmeric, ginger, and chicken stock are the workhorse of this soup, helping aid digestion when you’re under the weather. Good for you vegetables, like cauliflower and carrots, add a hearty body to the soup, while the chicken adds some much-needed protein to balance everything out. If you’re looking to make this recipe, click the link here.

Lemon Pepper Chicken Soup

Lemon is known to heal nasal congestion and soothe sore throats, so adding it to a classic chicken soup was a no-brainer in our book. With this Lemon Pepper Chicken Soup, you get all of the cold-fighting properties of a chicken soup, but with the fragrant additions of lemon and black pepper. To get the full list of ingredients and instructions, click the link here.

Cold Busting Chicken Soup

There are a million and one ways to make chicken soup, but this Cold Busting Chicken Soup puts other versions to shame. A homemade stock simmers with a fragrant mirpoux of hearty vegetables, producing deep, complex flavors. Chicken thighs and rice hop into the soup creating a well-needed level of satiation, and the topping of dill adds freshness. To get the recipe, click the link here.

Parmesan Pasta Soup

When you’re feeling the need for warmth but don’t want to battle a million ingredients in the kitchen, turn towards this Parmesan Pasta Soup. A garlic-infused chicken stock is a base for small ditalini pastas, parmesan cheese, and a bit of fresh parsley. This soup is so comforting, that it may challenge your favorite bowl of pasta. Looking for the recipe and instructions? Click the link here.