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When it comes to game day, there’s nothing like bringing all your friends together to cheer on your favorite teams, all while stuffing your face with ridiculously addictive, over-the-top dishes that bring the day – and the game – to a whole new level of fun, regardless of the final score. When you’re camped out in front of the TV and you don’t want to stray far from the couch for fear of missing a pivotal moment, it’s important to have a WIDE range of recipes to choose from so that you can fill your plate and stay parked in front of the game. Thankfully, we’ve got 16 recipes for you to choose from so that your next game day party is a smashing success. Whether you end up making one of these or a bunch of ’em, you can’t go wrong – they’re all amazing!! Take a look below and start getting ready for the big day!

16. Slow Cooker Root Beer Baked Beans

This is definitely one of our favorite baked beans recipes – there’s something about the subtle, yet distinct flavor from the root beer that we love, plus the bacon and onion that tie all the flavors together perfectly! Get the full recipe here!

15. Mexican Street Corn Dip

For those of you craving some south-of-the-border flavor, this Mexican street corn dip does NOT disappoint. The corn provides the perfect pops of sweetness, while the jalapeño adds just the right amount of spice. If that sounds good to you, grab the written recipe here!

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