10 Unique Desserts To Bring To Your Next Potluck

Impress family and friends with these dishes!

Pina Colada Trifle

We love pina coladas, but who doesn’t? They’re like a vacation in slushy form, and the sweet and creamy combination of coconut and pineapple hits the spot every time. We figured that the tropical treat would translate well to a trifle, and we were so very right. This Pina Colada Trifle has that coconut-pineapple flavor combination you know and love, with the addition of light and sweet vanilla cake and plump cherries. It’s the kind of dessert that you never want to stop digging into, and while it may not be quite as relaxing as a beach vacation, we certainly don’t mind indulging in this sweet mini escape. Get the recipe here!
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Frozen Banana Bomb

Hot summer days need a cold summer treat, and our frozen banana bomb is definitely on the menu. We all love all of the season’s fresh fruits and bananas are certainly on that list. But in these temperatures, fresh fruit can go bad fast, so when our bananas were in that phase of “still good but need to be used” we decided to whip up a dessert that would use up the fruit in a delicious way. Our freezer does all of the work here, making this the perfect summer baking project because it doesn’t require an oven! Get the recipe here!
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