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It’s no secret that we love a good dessert around here! Whether it’s cookies, pies, cakes, or crumbles, we’re huge fans of sugar in any form! When it comes to bringing a dessert to a family gathering or a potluck, sometimes we want to branch out from the ordinary and try something fun and different. This list has some really unique ideas for desserts! Don’t worry, they are all still easy to pull off, and you’re sure to impress friends and family by bringing one of these to the next gathering!

Banana Split Cheesecake

A good ol’ banana split sundae is a fond childhood memory, mainly because it was always reserved for a special occasion or as an extra special treat. That combination of ice cream, bananas, whipped cream, chocolate, and sprinkles was just about as magical as a dessert could get. We still love a good banana split sundae and will indulge in the treat from time to time, so we played around with the recipe and came up with one that fuses two of our favorite sweet treats: a banana split sundae AND cheesecake. Get the recipe here!
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Lime Olive Oil Cake

You might call this an everyday cake, and cake we can eat every day is an idea we can really rally behind. It’s a simple cake, the kind that makes sense as a quick breakfast or afternoon snack as much as it does dessert. And while it may be simple, it’s SO flavorful. The yogurt and olive oil – more on those in a bit – keep the cake so nicely moist, and the lime adds a tangy brightness that keeps the whole thing light. It’s a cake to make again and again. And again. Get the recipe here!
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