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Mexican Rice Skillet

When we want a complete meal with minimal fuss, skillet dinners are a no brainer, and cheesy Mexican rice is one of our favorites. It’s loaded with beef, beans, rice, sweet corn, and tons of flavor – basically all the scrumptiousness you find inside a burrito, yum! This versatile dish is hearty enough for cold winter nights, yet bursting with bright and zesty flavors, making it one of our year-round go-to dinners.

Get the scrumptious recipe here!

Chile Relleno Soup

Chile rellenos are a go-to for us when we’re getting Mexican food, but can be a little bit involved when you’re making them at home. Fret not though, we decided to take all the traditional elements of said classic and turned them into a light, flavorful soup that is a great go-to when temperatures start to drop. Filled with chicken and lightly roasted poblanos, this creamy dish will make any night better! Get the simple slow-cooker recipe here!

Chicken Taquito Casserole

As you probably already know, we love a good casserole – can’t beat throwing a bunch of yummy stuff into a dish and calling it a day – and thus, the taquito casserole was born. Filled with, you guessed it, taquitos, fresh veggies, and lots of spices, we loved this creamy take on a Tex-Mex classic. You could add rice or beans to the dish itself, but we think it’s pretty delicious as is! Get our delicious recipe here!

Frito Taco Casserole

Frito corn chips are one of our favorite junk/snack foods and we knew that the way to take this casserole to the (guilty) next level was to include them with our beef, beans and chiles. This dish is loaded with flavor and we can’t wait to make it again! Get our decadent recipe here!

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