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This is the perfect restaurant for all those who are looking to indulge in various artisanal cheeses. It’s the first of its kind: a conveyor belt restaurant!

The Pick & Cheese at The Cheese Bar is the first cheese conveyor belt restaurant in the world and it’s located in West London at the Seven Dials Market.

Photo: Twitter/@thecheesebarldn

Do not tempt us. We just might hop on a flight and head over there right now. We do not play about our cheese! Mathew Carver is the owner and the idea came to him after doing some reading. He had learned of the inventor of Japan’s Kaiten conveyor belt sushi restaurants. The rationale behind the sushi joint was simple: They wanted to make sushi more appealing and accessible.

Matthew figured that this same concept could be applied to the concept of artisanal cheeses. Those who take the time to visit Pick & Cheese are given the chance to be seated at the bar. From there, they are going to have the chance to select from a number of revolving offerings. The cheese selection changes on a regular basis so that guests do not have the chance to become sick of any particular flavor.

Photo: Pexels/Antonevica

Best of all, these cheeses are sourced from a number of regions within the United Kingdom. The cheeses are even paired with various accouterments, for a nice added touch. Small producer wines and there are various off-belt items for you to choose from. The plates that you can select from have been color-coded by their total price.

Additionally, they are calculated at the end of each meal. Pick & Cheese is also proud to offer their customers the chance to enjoy an all-you-can-eat special that takes place each Wednesday. Check out the video of the belt below:

For 75 minutes, visitors will be able to enjoy bottomless cheese and charcuterie for 75 minutes. The price is certainly right as well. You can take advantage of this deal for £25 GBP (which equals roughly $29 USD) per person.

We would be up in here every day of the week if we could. Now, we will simply have to plan a trip to London, so that we are able to take advantage of all the awesomeness that this location has to offer.

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