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Target is a wonderful place. It’s also a vortex where you end up spending more than you anticipated – especially after you wander in search of one item and walk out with a whole cartload of stuff. But perhaps one of the most fun spots in Target is the home department. There is something about the section of the store that just always inspires you to get creative with your home.

But there was one Target shopper who seemed to have gotten the decorative mood right in the store. Kelsey Venkov was browsing her local Target when she came across an armchair that was looking pretty bare. That is when she decided to arrange it with a little bit of flair.

In her own TikTok video, Kelsey was seen sharing her insider decorating tips as she went around the store and grabbed several items to help spruce up the armchair. She grabbed a rug, a blanket, a pillow, a candle, a plant, and other decorations in order to create a festive-looking Christmas corner in-store.


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Kelsey explained in her video that she was hoping to inspire others to make their homes a little more stylish. But she also added that she felt the store could do better in sales if they had a designated designer, adding that she was available if Target wanted to hire her. She wondered what the harm could be, and there were actually plenty of people who shared why she was wrong to do what she did.

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I feel like everyone needs some holiday cheer today so just take a look at this adorable gingerbread man mug I just got from Target!🤩 Isnt he cute?! $5 bucks! I’ve been finding some great holiday decor items that I will try to link up on my stories in the next few days. Let me know in the comments if you are looking for a specific link to something I’ve showed or talked about! 🥰#gingerbreadman #targetdecor #targetshopping #christmasdecorations🎄 #holidaydecorating #targethome

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After her TikTok video went up, there were plenty of hostile responses towards Kelsey. One of the responses was from an actual Target who was quite upset with Kelsey’s actions, explaining in a response that it is quite annoying and stressful for employees when they go looking for an item in a specific shelf or section, but then they end up not being there. As the Target employee put it, “Unfortunately, this is NOT helping.”

Meanwhile, there were other people who echoed what the Target employee was saying by stating that Kelsey’s actions were only creating a mess and making the employees’ jobs that bit harder, having to clean up.


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Despite how many people were critical of Kelsey and her video, she seemed to brush it off. She voiced her opinion, saying that she wasn’t disconnected and she was joking about working for Target as a visual merchandiser.

But as much criticism as she faced, there were those who were in support of Kelsey, sharing that they actually liked her decorating skills. What do you think of Kelsey’s actions? Let us know!