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This TikTok user recently moved and they are of the belief that they have uncovered a glitch in the Matrix.

If you would like to learn more, @ruthielovescoffee is here to share her findings with the audience. When she moved into her new home, she ran into a very bizarre packing issue. You would be forgiven for thinking that items had gone missing.

Photo: TikTok/@ruthielovescoffee

Instead, she ran into a completely different problem. From the looks of this, her items have actually started to duplicate. That’s the type of thing that you do not expect to experience.

She could not get to the bottom of things. The items started to multiply and she was left to figure out why. We would be pretty freaked out, too. It’s just not something that happens regularly.

Photo: TikTok/@ruthielovescoffee

We can understand misplaced items a lot easier than multiplying ones. It started with a free Steven Universe mug that she received as part of a merchandise bag. To the best of her knowledge, she only had one of them but once she began unpacking? There were two. Of course, the skeptics are probably already doing their best to come up with various explanations.

There’s no logical explanation for this, though. The mugs were not sold in retail stores. She has no recollection of purchasing a second one, either. In addition to the mug, a small ceramic turtle dish that she purchased in the past seemed to replicate itself. In fact, the sticker residue from the first one was located in the exact same spot on the second one.

Photo: TikTok/@ruthielovescoffee

It is definitely enough to make you wonder if we are living in a simulation or not.

One viewer had the perfect response to all of this. “Glitch in the Matrix. Did you pack any money in a box!?” they asked. Meanwhile, others shared their stories about their bizarre unpacking experiences. “My old roommate and I moved several times. Each time, as we were unpacking, we would find a golf ball. Neither of us play golf,” one commentator shared.


I’ve got some missing stuff too but like… what?? #glitchinthematrix

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What do you think of this clip? Do you think that we’re living in the Matrix or do you think that this woman’s imagination is a bit too active? Be sure to sound off and let us know where you stand on this one.

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