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The prospect of making the bed every morning is a tough one for many of us. There are those who cannot get their day started without making it and there are many of us who do not care to take on this task.

Some wonder, why would we bother to make the bed when we are simply going to be climbing back into it later that day?

Photo: flickr/Robert Couse-Baker

As it turns out, the group in favor of leaving a bed unmade may just be justified. One person took to Tikto to explain that making a bed every morning can actually leave it more susceptible to dust mites.

If this is something that you were totally unaware of, do not worry. We were today years old when we learned about this one, too. “You should never make your bed first thing in the morning,” TikTok user @cleanhome_cleanmind claims. “Letting your bed air out (for at least 1 hour) is a good solution to reduce the number of dust mites,” they continued.

Photo: TikTok/@cleanhome_cleanmind

According to the New York Post, the good folks over at And So To Bed say that this could even reduce the amount of sleep that we are able to get because of the moisture that is going to be trapped inside of the bed.

So, what do the experts believe is the best bet? They are of the opinion that we need to start pulling back our bed linen so that the mattress can properly air out. It is particularly important that you give your bed linen the chance to breathe once the warm summer months roll around. The linens will often become moist and smelly in these instances, which is something we’d all like to avoid.

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Of course, the comments were divided on this. For many commentators, it is hard to shrug off the lessons that we were taught by our parents at such a young age. Old habits die hard, especially as far as our beds are concerned.

Meanwhile, the lazybones out there must be loving this one. They have finally been handed the perfect excuse not to make their beds! At least, they can put the task off until later in the day.

Check out the video below:


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