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It’s used every single day, but how often is it washed? Probably not enough.

Each piece of bedding has its own washing requirements, depending on the amount of usage and how close to the skin it is.

Check out the most common types of bedding and how often they should be washed.

Curtains, Bed Skirts, Canopies

These pieces of the bedroom set are usually only on hand to add a certain level of pizzazz. In reality, they won’t need to be washed much because they are not going to come into contact with the skin very often. Those who suffer from allergies may want to wash them every few months, while others can get by washing them once a year.

Mattress Covers

These covers go a long way towards extending the life of a mattress, so they need to be properly maintained. They should be washed on a monthly basis. These covers will have to be cleaned more regularly if any spills or accidents occur.

Duvet Covers and Comforters

You won’t need to wash a comforter more than a couple of times per year, unless there are spills. Duvet covers, on the other hand, need to be washed weekly. That said, you can stretch this a few weeks if you use a top sheet on a consistent basis.

Image by JayMantri from Pixabay


It is time to be very honest about how often you are using your blankets. Any blanket that is being used regularly should be washed on a weekly basis. Blankets that are not used as often only need to be washed a couple of times each year. Take the time to look over the specific care instructions, too.


As for the pillows? Your washing frequency depends on the pillow protectors you are using. If pillow protectors are being used on the top and bottom, you can get away with infrequent washes. Three times per year should be sufficient. No pillow protectors? The pillows should be washed monthly in these instances.

Pillowcases and Sheets

Experts in the hospitality and health communities believe that these items need to be washed at least once a week. The sheets and pillowcases quickly become dirty, oily and we come into close contact with them every night. Bacteria and dust mites are common issues that come into play when the pillowcases and sheets are not being washed all the time, so they’re important to keep clean.

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