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When it comes to protecting yourself and others from spreading COVID-19, face masks are an absolute must. A multitude of businesses are now requiring them upon entry. Unfortunately, those of us who wear glasses are subjected to a seemingly unavoidable problem: foggy glasses. Foggy glasses are an absolute nuisance and we are tired of constantly readjusting them. So what can we do to address this common difficulty?

As it turns out, the solution has finally arrived. Warby Parker is here to provide you with an Anti-Fog Spray. We are not going to lie to you, it appears to be quite the game-changer. The Clean My Lenses kit costs a mere $15. Plus, you are also getting a lens pouch and a microfiber cloth. It doesn’t get much better than that for those of us who rock spectacles.

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“Have foggy lenses? We feel you. That’s why we now offer anti-fog lens spray, which comes as part of our Clean My Lenses Kit! Grab the kit—which also includes a microfiber cloth and carrying pouch—for just $15,” reads the recent post on the official Warby Parker Instagram page. That’s how you know that this innovation is a real one.

This arrival is happening not a moment too soon. There are some who may be wondering how this will work. When you are wearing your face mask, the warm air will no longer have a chance to accumulate on the cooler lenses of the glasses. Instead, the solution acts as a barrier of sorts. The droplets that would have accumulated on the glasses normally are no more.


The handy kit can be purchased online. You would be remiss if you didn’t pass this one along to all of the other “four eyes” in your life today. This is one of those problems that made us feel like we were all alone in the world. The kits are also available in select Warby Parker stores if you would prefer to purchase one in person.

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