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Siblings might have their rivalries, but nobody wants to see their family in actual pain. The same can be said for dog siblings. One sweet video captured on a home security system shows just how much care can exist between two dog brothers.

When one of the dogs got sick with an ear infection, he was not doing well. As anyone can imagine, he was feeling quite uncomfortable. When the dog, Roman, first got his ear infection, his owner immediately took him to the vet. They were then told it was a little bit more complicated, as the pooch turned out to have a hematoma. This is a collection of blood outside the blood vessels.

Roman was scheduled for surgery. However, during the wait time for his surgery, his ear continued to get worse. The poor dog was not a happy camper. His brother, Spanky, quickly noticed that there was something wrong.

The pup’s demeanor began to change as Roman’s ear continued to get worse. Rather than being playful or rough, Spanky was quite gentle when interacting with Roman. He stayed by his brother’s side and continued to be quite affectionate. Even during the follow-up visit to the vet, Spanky became upset when he was not permitted to go into the room with Roman.

As Spanky’s aunt, Jackie Rogers, shared with The Dodo, the caring pooch sat in the car whining and barking until Roman was finally out.

Once Roman underwent his surgery he was on strict bed rest. Spanky never left his side while he was recovering. The devoted brother was there to nurse Roman back to health and continued his vigil of gentleness and kindness.

The magnitude of Spanky’s care was fully revealed one day when Jackie was checking on the dogs through the family’s camera while the pups were home alone. What she saw was a napping Roman. The dog was on the ground. That is when Spanky walked into the living room. The dog showed a great amount of compassion as he went over to the dog bed in the corner and dragged it over for Roman.

Jackie was completely in awe of the fact that Spanky was able to show such compassion for his sibling. She watched in complete amazement as the two dogs then shared the bed together. They stayed there until their family came home later that day.

It became quite clear that the dog was lucky to have a sibling who cares so much about him. After the clip was uploaded to social media there were many people commenting on how sweet it was to see Spanky care for Roman.

One person stated the very important observation that “if only humans were so compassionate, we’d have a better world…”

Someone else wrote, “Animals are amazing. I hope this family has a plan to help Spanky cope while Roman is in surgery. It is amazing how animals care for each other and have such deep connections that humans don’t give them credit for.”

A third person commented, “Animals are beautiful creatures and could teach most humans a few things.”

These sentiments are quite true. Watch the purity of the video below:

What do you think of this relationship between the dogs? Have you ever seen anything similar with your own pets? Let us know!